With every click of the shutter, I strive to encapsulate the depth of emotion and the joyous spirit of celebration that defines your union. Each photograph is more than just a visual representation; it's a reflection of the love, laughter, and shared experiences that bind you together.

From the tender exchange of vows to the exuberant celebrations on the dance floor, I am dedicated to preserving the essence of your love story with authenticity and grace. It's these genuine moments that become timeless treasures, allowing you to relive the magic of your wedding day for years to come.

It's the in-between moments, the glances, the first looks,
a snapshot in time.

it really is the little things

Beyond the surface beauty lies the true heart of your wedding day – the genuine emotions, heartfelt moments, and authentic connections that make your love story unique. My approach is rooted in capturing these fleeting moments with honesty and sincerity, ensuring that each photograph reflects the depth of emotion and the joyous spirit of celebration that defines your union.

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In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not about what you look at. It’s what you see.” I believe in photographing those little things you might not even notice that capture your flow as a couple. The in-between moments, glances, crinkle-eye smiles, goosebumps. There’s nothing more beautiful and fascinating to me than the pure joy, excitement, and comfort of two people wildly in love.

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I understand that no two love stories are alike, which is why I place a strong emphasis on collaboration and personalization. From our initial consultation to the final delivery of your images, I work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and aspirations for your wedding day. Whether you envision a classic black-tie affair or a modern, avant-garde celebration, I am dedicated to bringing your vision to life with creativity, passion, and precision.

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here's mine

before you take your oath

Ragan + Edward |

"Caitlin is the truest gem of a human. She was more than Edward & I ever imagine - her gift to capture the sweetest moments is unmatched, her personality is so pure and genuine, and the way she created space for us to deeply exhale and be ourselves was absolute. Her artistic vision is inspiring - all the milestone moments of two people becoming one and all the in-betweens, she captured so beautifuly and graciously. She gave us tangible moments we will forever hold so dear."

Larissa + Michael |

"From start to finish, our experience was nothing short of amazing... Caitlin made us feel so relaxed and comfortable that we barely even notice when the photos were being taken! Her attention to detail, ability to capture the small moments, and her willingness to go above and beyond really set her apart from other photographers." 

Lauren + mac |

"Caitlin is so elite at what she does! She has such a calm, cool, collected approach to her shoots that really puts her clients at ease to just be fully themselves."

Love Notes

the memories

the moments

Cue the music, pop a bottle, go exploring, dance in the desert, get comfortable, do your thang. I'll provide prompts to help you get comfortable (no need to worry about what to do with your hands), but mostly we’ll just hang out and let the magic happen. 

get wild.

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It’s not just about the day you show up for photos. We’ll start working together from day one to provide insights, resources, location ideas, planning tips, and timelines so that when you get to your wedding or session date, you’ll get to live fully in the moment.

get Inspired.

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After you reach out, we’ll chat so I can get to know you and your story. From there I'll craft the experience around your vision. If we’re a good fit, we’ll save the date with a contract and get this party started. I'm not saying we are going to be best friends but don't be surprised if it happens.

get started.

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You'll receive a preview of your gallery within 24 hours of your day - I know you're anxious to 'gram, as I am too! For engagements, your full gallery is delivered within 3 weeks. Weddings are delivered within 10 weeks. 


No! I don't send any un-edited/RAW files! Half of the magic happens during the editing process, so without that step, your photos are only halfway done! 


You can expect to receive 50 final hand-edited images per hour of coverage! After your wedding day, I'll remove any photos you wouldn't want or need and edit/deliver the best of the best! Don't worry, I won't withhold any images I think you'll want.


While I'm completely confident in my ability to shoot all of my weddings solo, I recommend second photographers for larger weddings or when couples are getting ready separately and the timeline doesn't allow for me to be with them both. Additionally, second photoraphers can provide another perspective to your day and an alternate angle of every situation. 


I absolutely recommend one for a few reasons! First, my style of photography works best when we've gotten to know each other. An engagement session is the perfect time for us to hang out & spend time together before your big day! It's also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera. It's natural to feel a little bit nervous/awkward when you're not used to having your photo taken, but your engagement session will make you two pros by the time the wedding rolls around! 




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Capturing the small, ordinary, extraordinary moments.

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Documenting honest stories & connections in life & love